Building digital confidence and capability

Our innovative service providing research-informed practical tools and resources combined with advice and guidance and wrap-around support will:

  • Help your students and staff to thrive both personally and professionally in a digital world
  • Support the development of organisational digital capability and transformation
  • Support leaders to plan, implement and fulfil their digital strategies

When you sign up to the service we’re committed to working in partnership with you on your journey towards digital capability – a journey that will benefit your students, staff and the organisation as a whole.

How our service can help

Whether you are leading digital change, supporting staff or students or are interested in developing your own digital capabilities we can help:

  • Individuals to boost employability prospects and enhance professional practice by …
    • Empowering you to reflect on your digital skills, identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for further development
    • Enabling you to build personalised action plans to improve your digital capability
  • Those supporting staff and students by ...
    • Raising awareness of the importance of digital capabilities
    • Effectively identifying training needs and target support
    • Enabling staff to design activities into the curriculum to enable students to develop contextually relevant digital capabilities
  • Enabling strategic leaders to build a digitally capable organisation to ...
    • Increase student satisfaction
    • Maximise efficiency and growth
    • Underpin whole organisation transformation

Ultimately it is all about making a difference to students and giving staff confidence to deliver the digital learning experience that students need and expect to prepare them for the future workplace.

Creating a digitally enabled organisation: the value of a data driven approach

What's included?

Our discovery tool

Presenting empowering opportunities for all your staff and students, encouraging them to reflect on and build their digital capabilities. It includes:

  • A series of reflective questions that explore all areas of digital capability identified in our framework
  • Personalised reports which help to identify strengths and weakness, next steps to further develop practice and links to free resources that can help users to develop further. Digital badges are also available
  • A range of question sets, including for staff in any role; for staff delivering teaching and learning; library and learning resources staff; and specialist questions on accessibility and inclusion and effective online teaching
  • For students, question sets are available for current students, and new arriving students
  • A rich collection of curated, freely available resources, browsable by theme
  • Organisations can include links to their own training resources through the discovery tool reports enabling you to target resources as appropriate
  • Access to organisation-level data dashboards which provide a picture of your staff/student confidence and capabilities to help you target further support effectively

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Practical tools, models and guidance on building organisational digital capability

Our practical organisational guidance and tools illustrate for leaders what a digitally capable organisation might look like and offer ideas for moving forward no matter whether you are beginning or continuing your journey.

We offer virtual or face-to-face support for organisational use of the discovery tool as well as a series of guides on everything from implementation, engaging users to adding your own resources.

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Subscribers hub

A dedicated support portal with everything you need to make the most of the tools, support and resources the building digital capability service offers.

An active and highly engaged community of practice

A place where staff and leaders share experiences and spark new ideas. The community is open to all, and is supported by an active mailing list.

Subscribing to the service entitles you to two priority places per organisation at each of our twice-yearly meet ups.

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Working with you

Our support package is comprehensive and includes

support with implementation, for senior leader interventions and in designing digital capability into the curriculum.

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If you are looking for more, our range of discounted training courses take you further and provide additional support as well as insight to help you progress your own or your staff goals and vision.

We also run free to attend webinars on the service and specific topics which are advertised through our mailing list.

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Case studies

See how others are moving forward in building digital capabilities at their organisations.

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