In addition to our framework for organisational digital capability we offer some further tools and guidance: an interactive strategic steps model and our organisiational digital maturity model
  • Our digital capabilities framework for organisations explores the critical role that technologies play in supporting the core business functions of universities and colleges. Crucially, it also recognises that digitally capable staff and students are essential to organisational success and looks at ways in which organisations can support and encourage the development of individuals. Read our summary of why we think this is important (this is an abbreviated version of our in depth guide to developing organisational approaches to digital capability
  • You may also be interested in our strategic steps interactive model which is based on effective practice from our case studies.
  • Jisc organisational digital maturity model: this model is based on and reflects our digitally capabilities framework for organisations and the six elements of organisational digital capability identified within it. It serves a complementary purpose by looking beyond the capabilities of individuals and acknowledging that digital capabilities impact on, and are relevant to, all areas of university and college business (academic and non-academic). The model can be used to start conversations and contribute to improvements at your university or college. It is intended that the model will be used to support organisations using our building digital capability service.