This community of practice is open to staff and leaders in colleges and universities with a role and interest in the development of digital capabilities. There is a strong emphasis on leadership by the community, learning from each other and sharing what works.

Upcoming events

Register now for our next community of practice event – 26 May 2022

This event is an exciting opportunity for staff and leaders in higher or further education to engage in discussions about developing the digital environment, experience and capabilities of students and staff by sharing effective practice, engaging in workshops and panel discussions. Attendance is free but registration is required and we are always on the look out for community input in terms of the topics you would like to discuss and any member stories you would like to share. Please visit our events page to find out more and sign up.

Join our active community of practice

It is an open community that welcomes both experienced participants and those who have not previously engaged in this field but who would like to find out more.

With over 100 active participants, the network events and mailing list offer opportunities for colleagues to work together on all aspects of digital capability for staff and students.

Benefits of membership

  • Keynote speakers share their vision and strategy
  • Introduction to resources that will help your students and staff
  • Opportunities to network and learn from others
  • Updates on latest initiatives and research

And there's more

Subscribers to our building digital capability service will also receive two priority places per institution for each of the two community of practice events held each year.

Thanks to all for organising and participating in a brilliant workshop. Great sharing of ideas and initiatives and a lot of inspiration to take back to University of Northampton.

Jim Harris, learning designer, University of Northampton

Previous community of practice events

  • 5 April 2022. Hear about how our community champions of 2022 are sharing effective practice in both FE and HE and helping their communities to collaborate and flourish. Information available from our event page
  • 3 March 2022. How are your professional services staff experiencing the digital environment? Following on from our reports on the digital experiences of learners/students and teaching staff, we launched the 2020/21 digital experience insights survey findings for professional services staff. The recording and transcript from the event are available on our event page
  • 30 November 2021. Joint building digital capability and digital experience insights community of practice event, delivered in partnership with University of Sunderland. The recording, transcript and materials from the event are available from our event page
  • 19 May 2021. This event was co-hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University. A summary of the event is available on our blog. Presentations from Jisc and Manchester Metropolitan University (transcript [Word]), some of our members (transcript [Word]) and the City of Wolverhampton College (transcript [Word]) are available from YouTube.
  • 17 November 2020. This event was co-hosted by the University of Derby. The recording of this event (transcript [Word]) is available on YouTube alongside a blog post providing a summary of the themes from the day
  • 24 September 2020. Supporting staff to teach effectively online: exploring our new discovery tool question set. View the recording (YouTube) and read the recording transcript (Word)
  • 21 May 2020. Online community of practice event co-hosted by the University of Northampton. View the recording (YouTube)
  • 27 November 2019. University of Edinburgh. Resources from this event are available from our blog
  • 14 May 2019. London. Hosted in collaboration with UCL and the Bloomsbury Learning Environment (BLE)
  • 21 November 2018. Hosted by the University of Hertfordshire in collaboration with Jisc. Information available on our events page
  • 22 May 2018. Hosted by the University of Leicester in collaboration with Jisc. Information available on our events page
  • 30 November 2017. Birmingham. Information available on our events page
  • 9 May 2017. Birmingham. Information available on our events page

Additional resources

We would like to share the following resources that have been used at our community and other events:

The game of digital pursuits - this is a good icebreaker that helps people to talk about digital capabilities in a practical and non-threatening way. How many 'cheeses' or 'pies' can you collect?

(NB: a dice and coloured game components are required)

Step change: the game of organisational digital capabilities - a board game designed to prompt discussions on developing organisational digital capability

Game board, strategic cards, wild cards, case studies and facilitator's notes

(NB: a dice and counters are required)

Digital capabilities exploration game - a game developed by colleagues at the University of Hertfordshire designed to help individuals to learn about their own and others' digital capabilities by sharing experience and knowledge

Game board, instructions and resources

(NB: a dice and counters are required)

DigiDice (created by Dr Monica Chavez, educational developer (TEL), University of Liverpool. This link will take you to a Google drive) - resources include a short video explaining the origins of the game and how to play, instructions, card deck and template for the dice.